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We are a complete professional socks manufacturer/factory in China. Can meet all your imagination about custom production of your own design or branded socks, and we focus on efficiency and quality.

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custom socks factory

Custom socks just got easier

We really make custom socks easier, you don't even have to know about socks, we can design socks, match colors, knit socks, package socks, make labels and packaging, one-stop custom sock service. All this work is done by us for you, and it only takes four steps to make your own socks.
Socks ideas
Any ideas about your socks, logos, patterns, sizes, heights, materials, colours... these are the basis for creating custom socks, just let us know. Don't have many ideas? No problem, we can still create the design for you, even with just a logo.
Create design
Our designer will create sock designs for free, and make your sock ideas into clear sock mockups. If there is anything that can be changed, also unlimited revisions! For professionals, we provide free templates/mockups for easily & quick design.
Make sample
You can check the sample before making custom socks, and we will take photos for approval or send the sample to your address. If there is any problem with the sock's design, you can still request a revision, such as changing the colour or add pattern.
Knit & shipping
Then we can officially start the production, all of which we do, including, weaving, quality control, pairing, custom label & tag, and packaging as required. Your custom socks will be prepared for shipment, depending on the shipping method chosen, and arrive on time.
Easy Custom Socks Show

What we do

Custom socks

Customize your personalized design of socks, add brand logos, patterns and colors. Fast turnaround & high quality, we love knitted socks!

Free sock design

Convenient sock design service, because we know more about socks, so the designs are in line with knitting specifications.

Wholesale socks

We have some own design socks for sale in bulk, cheap and high quality. Also support add your brand logo on them.

Make your socksWholesale socks

Photos from our factory

Learn about our factory and how we produce socks through photos.
Knitting Socks workshop

Our sock knitting and production sock workshop include machines with different needle counts 120N, 144N, 156N, 168N, and 200N. which are divided into different parts for more flexible processing of different types of orders. Large order workshop: make socks orders over 10,000 pairs quantity.
Small order workshop: Make some small quantity orders.

Socks Knitting Workshop
Socks Knitting Workshop
Samples making workshop
Samples making workshop
Working knitting machine
Working knitting machine
The Office

Customer service is provided and some of the most important work is done in the office, such as yarn color matching, sock design, business meetings, sock displays, etc.

Color Matching Room
Color Matching Room
Socks show room
Socks show room
Customer Service Office
Customer Service Office
Socks handling work

Some of the necessary work after the socks are knitted, such as toe sewing, quality control, packaging, and boarding. Finished socks will be stored in the warehouse at odd hours until shipping.

Pairing and Packaging
Pairing and Packaging
Boarding Machine
Boarding Machine
Temporary Storage Warehouse
Temporary Storage Warehouse
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Customize your uniquely designed branded socks with fast turnaround and high quality.