Different types of socks

Different types of socks



  • Mute /Toe Cover
  • Invisible Socks / No show socks
  • Ankle socks / Liner
  • Low cut socks
  • Quarter length socks
  • Crew Socks
  • Mid-calf socks
  • Over-the-calf socks / Executive socks
  • Knee-high socks
  • Over-the-knee high socks / Thigh high socks
  • Loose / Leg guard


Textile fabric can be divided into plant fibre, animal fibre, chemical fibre and recycled fibre.

  • Plant fibre: cotton, bamboo, hemp, kapok, etc
  • Animal fibre: wool, rabbit hair, alpaca, cashmere, silk, etc
  • Chemical fibre: polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon, etc
  • Recycled fibre: Modal, etc

The main characteristics of each material

  • COTTON: Strong but soft, Retains heat, Stretches easily
  • WOOL: Wrinkle resistant, Stretchy but durable (holds shape), Absorbs moisture and odour
  • BAMBOO: Breathable and silky, Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, More durable than cotton
  • MODAL: Strong and stable, Soft like cotton, Durable
  • SILK: Strong natural fibre, Light and elastic, Sweat sensitive
  • ALPACA: Lightweight and soft, Water resistant, Extremely insula tin
  • CASHMERE: Luxuriously soft, Lightweight, Naturally insulating
  • Polyester: Retains dye, Dries quickly, Not breathable


    Dress socks are worn with leather shoes, so their breathability and silky slip are important.
    Colours are generally plain, such as black, white, grey, light blue, navy blue, etc. You can wear different lengths of socks depending on the temperature, but they generally have to cover your ankles.
    Casual socks are designed for casual wear and show your personality, so the colours and patterns are very colourful. You can wear them with casual shoes, like espadrilles or flats.
    Sports socks are worn with various kinds of sports. They are of different lengths and thicknesses according to personal habits and temperature. The knitting process of sports socks is different from that of ordinary socks. It has strong functional compatibility, such as scalability, which is easy to bend and force the arch of the foot, and the sole and heel of the socks are not easy to slip.
    The most prominent features of working socks are durability and comfort. All the usual materials are cotton and nylon, with additional thickening at the toe and heel for better wear resistance, and the colours and styles are conservative.
    Yoga socks with an anti-slip design on the bottom of socks, the use of professional anti-slip socks, not only can effectively prevent yoga practitioners in the movement of sliding feet and other phenomena, but also can effectively protect their safety of them.
    With the help of yoga socks, many yoga practitioners can easily master the essentials of some yoga movements, which will increase the effect and sense of harvest of practising yoga.
    The main purpose of winter socks is to keep warm, so this sock is very very thick.
    Because of the drudgery of winter, there are more styles and patterns of socks than there are in summer. The lengths are crew or knee-high, and many girls like stocking in winter.
    The main function of these socks is to complete a run, with moisture absorption and sweat, fit the feet and upper, and prevent foot blistering. It’s usually made of cool-max / nylon.
    Trampoline socks are socks worn when participating in trampoline sports, which will put a lot of pressure on the feet, and the elasticity of the trampoline surface, so a certain strength of non-slip is very important. In addition, it also has the function of quick absorption of sweat and quick drying. Trampoline socks have a lot of designs and colours, even the sole of the non-slip can do many many designs.
    Skiing has become more and more popular. This extreme sport is characterized by high speed and steep slopes. Speed skating is easy to stand, especially since the ankle is easy to hurt, so choosing a pair of appropriate ski socks is very necessary. Custom professional ski socks are top knee-high socks, and have good elasticity, but should not be too thick, because of the flexibility of the movement.
    We can wear aeroplane socks during long flights, which increases the ability of leg muscles to pump blood to veins.
    This sock is specially designed for diabetics and has the ability to prevent foot injury. Because Diabetics have weak circulation in their feet and slow healing after injury. The main feature of the socks is that they are thick and have silicone pads on the toes to prevent collisions. But diabetics will be puffy when they are very sick, so the top of the sock is very loose.
    Boot socks are worn with boots and are made of thick material. Their main purpose is to keep them warm and beautiful.
    This sock is mainly worn at home, it is directly installed under the sock with a pair of shoe soles, leather, rubber and so on. The main advantage is easy to put on and take off, but also has a certain degree of heat preservation.
    Pressure socks have strong compactness, which can help the blood circulation of the foot to play a certain role in foot health care. In the design, the soles of the socks gradually transition to the above slack. Compression socks come in different pressure levels, and some have zippers that make them easy to slip on and off.
    The sock only has the front ball of the foot and is often used as a shoe liner to protect the toes from blistering, but not for long walks.
    Toe socks can be divided into five fingers, two fingers, open fingers, half fingers and toe fewer socks, etc. The basic structure of the sock is that the toe part of the sock is designed like a glove to ensure full toe flexibility and avoid fungal infections.
    Football socks protect the lower leg and reduce damage to it. Long football socks can also be used to install leg pads, playing a double protective role; Wearing football socks can also make the calf muscles become tight so that the force becomes concentrated.
    Bobby socks are socks that reach up to the ankles and because these socks can also be folded down they are called ‘ bobby socks. The socks do not bounce up and down it’s just because you can fold them and they will look the same just a bit shorter in length, bobby is also a male name.
    The socks are made by printing and dyeing patterns directly on the socks. Beautiful and real pattern , non-crack ,wash-resistant and non -peeling .Simple operation , Pattern molding once , No need to color .
    These socks are best worn by students with short skirts and usually have three lines at the top of socks . Also called knee high socks .
    Baby socks are made of cotton. They are usually plain, not patterned , and Comfort and safety come first .