Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about custom sock services you can find answered here.

About custom socks

What is the minimum order quantity for custom socks?

Most knitted socks are made starting with 50 pairs. But some special materials and technical upgrades need more start orders quantity.

What options are available to support customization?

With the ability to customize height, size, material, upgrade technology, etc., we can produce almost all types of socks and therefore offer a rich array of options. Check out all the custom socks options!

How long are custom socks delivered?

Most orders arrive in 8-15 days worldwide, more time if the order is over 1000 pairs or custom label packaging.

Can I get free socks samples?

You can get stock samples for free and pay only for shipping (around $20-$30 for shipping). If you need custom sock samples, need $100 for development and shipping fees.

Can I make custom labels & tags or packaging?

Yes, we can customize the packaging, including labels, tags, hooks, plastic bags, OPP bags, cardboard boxes, or other unique packaging. Additional custom packaging fees apply.

Is it possible to make rush orders?

Yes, if you are in a hurry, let us know and we will adjust the production queue.

About socks design

Is a sock design template or mockup available?

Yes, we offer sock design templates to get started designing socks quickly.

I don’t know how to design or operate design software, how do I design socks?

We can help you design your socks for free, just contact us!

What is the cost of designing socks?

Designing socks is free at MyPopSox.

How long to get the socks design?

Need 1-3 days to create your logo socks or patterned sock designs.