Guide to match socks in spring and summer

Guide to match socks in spring and summer


Daily matching Guide

It used to be very popular to wear No show socks/ Invisible socks /Ankle socks in the fashion circle. It will show nothing to other people when you wear this kind socks. But now it is more popular to show the socks. It is fashionable to match socks with the overall clothing.

Even in spring and summer, people still wearing socks. It’s kind of decorate, and make us more cosy, comfortable and beauty.


Since the temperature rises, our skin exposed area also become larger, and socks still used for the fashionable and refined wearing. Although they are small accessories, they play a great role.

How to choose socks to be fashionable?

The selection of socks has a great relationship with the shoe style and the overall clothing style. The colour of socks also needs to match the overall clothing style.

Tips 1: Pick the socks length according to the style

Sports style: Short tube socks and mid tube socks

Sports socks style

In the recent two years, sports style is very popular. It’s not only reflected in shoes, but also the overall shape will be slightly loose, creating a leisure look.

If the overall clothing style is athletic, you can choose short tube socks or medium tube socks, which can just expose the edge of socks, and create layered sense when matching your clothing.

Lovely, sweet style: daily crew socks

Lovely, sweet style: daily crew socks

There are many girls who prefer cute and sweet styles. They wear skirts more frequently in summer. If socks basic colors, and the socks pattern are matched with clothes, it will let the overall modeling style will be more obvious.

Street fashion style:crew tube socks

In spring and summer, the favorite should be the crew tube socks. The length is just right, and there is no requirement for people’s height, and it’s easy to fits all the matching styles.

Many people like the style of street fashion, it’s best to match flat shoes, casual shoes, or sports shoes. Which is looked casual and handsome.

Street fashion style socks

Tips 2: pick the color according to the collocation

Socks and shoes have the same or similar colors

The color of socks is very particular part. Especially in this season, here is so many color series for clothing and shoes. So in order to make it harmony and unity, should change according to the shoes when we selected socks.

The most basic matching way is to make the socks and shoes have same or similar colors. It will be a harmonious entirety in visual, this matching way always works.

Socks and shoes have the same or similar colors
Guide to match socks in spring and summer 8

The socks and shoes have same or similar colors, will elongate the leg, and make your shanks looks thinner. Because socks and shoes will have certain differences in visual sense, so the style will also change to looks different.

image 4
Guide to match socks in spring and summer 9

Socks and cloths color are same or similar

The same way as shoes, to make the socks and a certain color of clothes is same or will looks very harmonious if socks color overlap with a single item all over the body.

This is also the basic sock matching way, which has a strong embellishment effect. It seems that the coordination mechanism is colorful, and the socks will not look abrupt.

Contrast color matching for shoes and socks

Contrast color matching for shoes and socks

The advanced matching way is that shoes and socks are completely different color. Through the collision between colors, the two colors can have a fashion sense, make socks more prominent, and make the overall shape more soul.

Of course, you can also use colored socks to match basic black-and-white shoes. This kind of matching way will never go wrong, and also good embellishment.

How to match socks with shoes in the best way?

Tips 1: sports shoes: Short tube socks and mid tube socks

When wearing sports shoes, it’s best to wear short tube socks and mid tube socks, not only for show the socks, also for comfortable.

Socks have function of sweat absorption and permeability, also prevents friction, make your steps easier and more comfortable even if it’s a long walk.

In summer, Sneakers are often regarded as a versatile item, so the matching socks should be more distinctive since we are wearing the sneakers more and more frequently.

If you are worried that sneakers and socks are particularly prone to mistakes, then choose basic black and white socks with some decorative embellishments on the top sides.

Tips 2: leather shoes: crew socks, long tube socks

We also recommend using crew socks to match leather shoes, it looks not exaggerated, and have a visual sense of enhanced layering, and there will be a certain echo between the fabric and the leather material.

Moreover, the matching between leather shoes and socks is relatively simple, using the same color or similar color is totally ok. The good effect is younger your age and makes you more lived and energetic.

Few parts will use leather shoes matching long tube socks, there are many girls like sweet styles, and will use leather shoes match long tube socks to create a sweet student atmosphere.

Tips 3: sandals: crew socks

Sandals have become more and more popular when we are entering the summer. In the recently two years, sandals and socks have become very popular. Matching the colorful series socks or the basic color socks are embellished, and the sandals have become unique.

To be more fashionable and have a certain degree of coordination and unity, socks and skirts should be in the same form as possible, which will be more coordinated and suitable for ordinary people.

Shoes and socks are the best partners. Many people have not paid attention to how to be matching best between the two should be coordinated. In fact, the socks matching can be matched with shoes or clothing. It will be more perfect and soulful!