Socks 101: all you need to know

Socks 101 all you need to know


Why wear socks

As the saying goes, “cold starts from the foot”, the foot is farthest from the heart, the blood supply is less than any part of the body, the blood circulation is the slowest, coupled with the foot surface fat layer is very thin, poor insulation performance.

Therefore, keeping the feet warm is directly related to the body’s overall health.

Winter, of course. Don’t forget to put on a pair of socks to protect your feet even in the air-conditioned room in the summer.

4 elements of high-quality socks

First impression of socks

The first thing customers see is the flat and fine degree of knitting grain and pattern of socks, the symmetrical and flat shape of socks, and the neat packaging of socks.

The quality of socks

The quality of socks directly affects the comfort of wearing, tensile size of elastane tendons, density and size standard of socks, the fine density of seam line of socks, color fastness to washing is best to reach the national standard four.

Yarn fabric of socks

Fabric is an important factor affecting the grade of socks. The feel of fabric is a tactile evaluation method of fabric quality. The feel of fabric is closely related to fiber raw materials, yarn varieties, fabric thickness, fabric weight, fabric structure, dyeing and finishing technology.

Composition content and description of socks

Socks component content is closely related to wear comfortable degree and pricing, therefore, we should pay attention to when buying socks on the product labeling component content, product instructions such as mark, the mark is divided into the product name, washing method, product standards, product quality grades, inspection certificate, address, name, phone, etc.

How to wear socks

(1) First use both hands to roll the waist part of the sock to the toe position ;
(2) After putting on the soles of the feet, hold the socks in both hands and pull them up evenly to the lower leg ;
(3) After repeating methods (1) and (2), pull the socks on the other leg up to the lower leg ;
(4) After wearing, it is necessary to arrange the toe part, so that the colour and thickness of the socks are consistent, not easy to hook when wearing, and beautiful and harmonious.

Washing instructions for socks

1. Socks should not be washed together with underwear to avoid cross-infection caused by beriberi;

2. When washing socks, add a little vinegar, which has the effect of deodorization and sterilization;

3. We should not use 84 disinfectant to wash cotton socks, so as not to shorten the life of socks;

4. When washing your socks in the washing machine, the first is band up your socks according to rubber band to prevent it from losing its elasticity; 5. When drying socks, please remember to put the top of socks up, the bottom of socks down

How long is the life of socks

Under normal circumstances, experts recommend not wearing a pair of socks for more than three days in a row. If conditions permit, it is recommended that you change every day to keep your feet dry, which can not only effectively avoid the generation of foot diseases, but also help to prolong the life of socks.

The life of a pair of socks is about 3 months. If the socks are more than 3 months old, even if they are not broken, it is recommended that you do not wear them again. Long worn socks can harbor bacteria that can’t be completely removed by ordinary washing. And the bottoms of socks tend to thin over time, which doesn’t protect the back of our heels as well.

Reuse of old cotton socks

What is the use of old socks in their dead days? Most of us would probably ignore them and throw old socks in the trash. However, if they are cleaned, they can solve many practical problems in life. Here are some of the best ways to use old socks.

  1. Wipe the leather shoes with socks. The hand directly in the old cotton socks can be very convenient to wipe shoes.
  2. Roll several pairs of broken socks into a ball and stuff it in your shoe to prevent deformation.
  3. Socks on the hand to scrub light bulbs and other uneven utensils, it’s so convenient and easy to use.
  4. Cut the top of old cotton socks, then set in the child’s knee and elbow wrist, it can prevent children from falling skin abrasion;
  5. The old cotton socks are set on the broom, which can clean the hair and dander on the ground very well, and it’s not easy to dust;
  6. Use old cotton socks to pack camphor or any other insect repellent, place inside wardrobe can PREVENT insects.
  7. Cut up old socks and sew them together to make mops, which are light, clean and easy to wash and dry.