Rich socks style choices & custom options

Whether you are new player in custom socks, or a professional, all can find the right sock style here! We also give you almost all customizable options to choose from, with you can control any detail about your custom socks.

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Custom sock styles and options

socks size

Customized socks starting from different foot sizes
Adult sock size

We often make the following sock sizes, and a small adjustment is possible.

Baby & child sock size

Baby’s and children’s body grows fast, so there are more sizes.

6-7.5 (XS)2-46-1121-27.55-10
7-8.5 (S)3-79-1Y25-328-13
8-9.5 (M)5-1012-5Y29-3611-4Y
9-11 (L)10-166Y-7Y37-385Y-6Y
10-12 (XL)Adult7Y->38->6Y->
One size

One size is also an OS size that will fit most adult feet, which is the easiest solution for custom sock size and saves costs.

One size socks fit: US women’s shoe size 6 – 11, US men’s shoe size 7 – 12, EURO shoe size: 37-43, UK shoe size: 4-9

Plus size & extra large

We can also make plus-size socks, which are great for fat people or big feet. Up to adult socks XXL, please contact us first if you want to customize plus-size socks.

Plus size socks should usually not have too many pattern designs in order to maintain elasticity; solid colors and stripes will work well.

socks height

From ankle to thigh, you can customize your socks to any height
1-no show 1 height sock
No show/Invisible
no show 2 height sock
No show 2
3-ankle height sock
4-cuarter height sock
5-Crew-1 height sock
Crew 1
6-Crew-2 height sock
Crew 2
7-mid calf height sock
Mid calf
8-over the calf height sock
over the calf
9-knee high height sock
Knee high
10-over knee height sock
Over the knee
11-Thigh high height sock
Thigh high

socks Material

Different materials have different features, choose the material of your custom socks according to your needs.

Cotton: Cotton yarn is made of natural fibre cotton, which is fluffy and soft and can absorb sweat better, and is used to knit socks with similar features. Nowadays, most high-quality socks are knitted with cotton, and the price of cotton yarn is suitable compared to some synthetic materials.

Wool: Socks knitted with yarn made from animal wool fibres, delicate, non-itchy fibres with natural odour resistance. Crucially, it can absorb a lot of moisture while not feeling damp and has better thermal insulation.

Merino: It is thinner and softer than ordinary wool and fits easily against the skin. Of course, it also absorbs sweat and keeps feet warmer better.

Cashmere: Cashmere comes from cashmere goats, which live mainly in Asia, in the highlands of India and China. The thickness of the fibres is very thin, so it is more delicate and makes cashmere socks lighter in weight.

Bamboo: Knitted from yarn processed from bamboo, they are naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, heat regulating and moisture wicking, keeping feet fresh and dry. Because bamboo can grow quickly, bamboo socks are also environmentally friendly.

Polyester: Polyester is a synthetic fibre that is more durable, and retains its shape better than socks made of other materials, and retains its original colour and pattern over time.

Spandex: Spandex is very elastic, so spandex socks can keep their shape, have good elasticity and flexibility, and fit the foot well. Almost most socks use a portion of spandex in them.

Nylon: Nylon is a synthetic fibre that is very strong, sturdy, and abrasion resistant. Many professional sports socks are knitted with nylon.

Polypropylene: Polypropylene has higher insulating properties. polypropylene socks also have excellent moisture-wicking properties and are non-allergenic. Perfect for use with waterproof/breathable shoes.

How to choose the right material?

You can choose the right material according to the following tips, if there are still questions, please contact us directly.

NeedsBest ChoiceUnsuitable
Comfortable & softCotton, Wool, Merino, Cashmere, Bamboo/
DurabilityCotton, Bamboo, Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, PolypropyleneCashmere
Sweat absorption or breathabilityBamboo, Cotton, Polyester, PolypropyleneCotton, Wool, Cashmere, Nylon
WarmthWool, Merino, Cashmere, Cotton/
CompressionSpandex, Polyester, PolypropyleneCashmere, Wool
LightweightCotton, Bamboo, NylonWool

Socks color

We have more than three hundred kinds of basic common sock colours to choose from, and for larger orders, we can customize more precise dyed yarns.
Popular sock yarn colors

Choose from a wide range of colours, they can match well with your design and brand colours to make custom socks. We will match colours from our yarn colour inventory that are similar to your design, and if your order is over 500,000 pairs, we can make custom-dyed cotton yarn for you.

We have over 350 yarn colours and they are all high-quality cotton, cheaper compared to custom dyeing and the yarns we usually use. If you want to design socks with them please check the sock yarn colour details.

View all yarn colors ✨
custom socks color yarn

Socks thickness

Different materials have different features, and cotton is the most commonly used for knitting socks.
Thin socks & silk socks

Very thin socks, usually made of durable synthetic materials so that they retain their shape and do not break easily.

Normal thickness

The thickness of our most produced socks, and the most common, can be knitted from most materials.

Cushion socks

Made using a unique tech that gives the socks a cushioning function, they are usually used for sports socks. This way it becomes thicker than normal socks.

Thick socks & wool socks

In colder places, thicker socks, wool socks or other thicker, heavier socks are needed.

socks styles options

Choose from different styles to start customizing your socks, sporty, funky, colourful or logo socks. It's even easier to start making branded unique socks.
Athletic socks
Custom athletic socks
Dress socks
Custom dress socks
Thick socks
Custom thick socks
Ribbed socks
Custom ribbed socks
Knee socks
Custom knee socks
Funky socks
Custom funky socks
Dress socks
Custom dress socks
Athletic socks
Custom athletic socks
Thick socks
Custom thick socks
Ribbed socks
Custom ribbed socks

upgrades tech

Add more technical upgrades to the socks, just like arch support, breathable mesh, embroidery, cushioning, etc. Make the socks more comfortable and unique.
Arch support

With the addition of elastic support at the arch of the foot, the socks will fit the foot better. Arch support socks can help improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and provide some of the pain relief associated with these conditions.


Cushioning is usually added to the bottom of the foot, mainly to reduce the impact of walking and jumping on the bottom of the foot. It can be very good at preventing foot blisters and protecting the feet, and it also makes the socks thicker and better at keeping the feet warm.

Ribbed Socks

Ribbed sock technology adds elasticity to the calf of the sock so that the sock does not slip off, and is often used in logo socks and athletic running socks.


Mesh structure is mostly added to the back of the foot or calf, which can help the foot breathe and sweat well, and some sports socks or running socks will add mesh.


Embroidery allows additional small logos and patterns to be added to the socks, which can make them more sophisticated and beautiful, but usually large patterns cannot be created.

Offset printing

Using offset socks allows you to make fine patterns or logos on a small area of the socks, making them more upscale.

socks packaging options

Using your brand style of custom sock packaging, we can custom make sock labels, tags, cartons, and plastic bags for packaging.
Labels and tags

Customize your own branded labels and tags, and also add hooks. We have a simple design template that can quickly make a virtual mockup for you.

Plastic & OPP bags

Plastic bags can protect socks very well, a favourite packaging for e-commerce businesses. You can add logos, web addresses, text or any other content you need on the bags.

Carton packaging

Want to be more sophisticated packaging, it must be the carton box. Carton packaging is more complex and exquisite, greatly enhancing the value of socks, or as a gift is great.

Other rare packaging

Your packaging is not common, like can sock packaging, paper bag packaging, metal box packaging, or other, we can make it for you, just contact us.

Ready to get started and make custom socks now? Just get in touch with us.