Why Custom Printing Socks Become More and More Popular?

Why Custom Printing Socks Become More and More Popular

The digital printing process has filled people’s personalized socks demand. and has become a new choice for many customers’ product customization.

Whether it is a passionate fanatical football star or a sexy and charming movie star; Whether it is a magical sci-fi anime character or a relaxed landscape oil painting; whether it is a beautiful view of the sea or the Seine River of the Eiffel Tower……The colourful patterns are vividly displayed on a pair of socks, and even an easy splice of the left and right foot patterns.

Why Custom Printing Socks Become More and More Popular? 3
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Why Custom Printing Socks Become More and More Popular? 4

3D printing function, making socks pattern in 360-degree seamless printing by the rotation of the sleeve.

Compared with traditional jacquard and heat transfer, which is also suitable for complex colours, digital printing technology solves many problems in the socks manufacturing field.


Here are 5 advantages of the digital printing socks

High possibility for customization

Traditional jacquard has limited yarn colour, which usually will control it within 6 colours, so it’s hard to make complex patterns.

However, digital printing not only can customize a series of socks patterns with different colours and tones but also continuously adjust the pattern and colour during the sampling process, realizing the multi-variety production trend, no need to consider the colour complexity at all. This is the most significant technical advantage of digital printing socks.

No MOQ limited

Personalized customers, only need to send their favourite patterns to the operator to achieve unique personalized customization needs, which fully meets the market development trend for small batches of high-quality customization.

Quick order production time

Printing socks can finish the sample in one working day! shorter sample lead time to speed up customer placing the bulk order, and simply the order process.

low unqualified products rate

digital printing socks pattern is directly sprayed on the white socks by the printing nozzle, and the surface of the sock is very flat, which doesn’t have the messy cutting threads problem, and reduces the unqualified products rate. It’s also suitable for complex patterns, will not deform the way after stretching, and keep the overall aesthetics.

Durable and long-lasting

Many people will question whether such complex patterns and colourful colours are easily faded by digital printing. The answer is no! After the socks are digitally printed, the chemical properties are very stable through colour fixing, and there is no problem with fading at all.